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an AI-driven educational platform designed for students and teachers

Rewritten: Caktus AI is an AI-driven educational platform designed for students and teachers. It offers a range of valuable tools such as an essay writer, personal statement writer, coding assistants, and more. Caktus AI is also actively developing AI-based applications for educators, including chatbots and software capable of grading essays and providing feedback. The team behind Caktus is committed to leveraging AI to revolutionize the field of education.

Is Caktus AI Free?
When you create an account with Caktus, you will receive 20,000 free credits. These credits can go a long way and provide an opportunity to try out the tool before making a purchase. If you find that Caktus AI meets all your needs, you have the option to purchase a membership plan, granting you indefinite usage.

Caktus AI offers two payment plans, both providing unlimited access:

– $9.99 per month for the premium plan
– $59.99 per year for the premium plan

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