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turn audio into content, like magic.

turn audio into content, like magic.
Upload your MP3, download all your ready-to-post content.
Your full episode cleaned, transcribed, and ready to publish in written format.

Show Notes
Timestamps, topics, and all your show note needs done instantly.

Short summaries of what is discussed in the show and broken out by each speaker.

Social Content
Tweet threads, Linkedin Posts, Quotes for clips Hooks, CTAs, and more.

Castmagic: One-Click Podcast Notes Made Easy

Castmagic is an application designed specifically for podcast producers to convert podcast audio into notes and summaries that can be used for content creation. Users can upload their MP3 files to Castmagic to quickly obtain comprehensive podcast notes, summaries, highlights, quotes, and social media posts.

Using Castmagic is incredibly simple. Just upload the podcast audio and wait a few seconds for the app to automatically generate detailed podcast notes and summaries. These annotations and summaries can be utilized for various content creation purposes, including blog articles, social media posts, press releases, and more.

Castmagic also offers various additional features, including highlight and quote excerpts, customizable podcast themes, automatic transcription and translation, and more. These features assist podcast producers in creating high-quality content faster and enhance the usability and distribution of their content.

Recommended for podcast producers, content creators, and other individuals and businesses in need of quickly generating high-quality notes and summaries.

Keywords: podcast production, note generation, summary, highlights, quotes, social media, blog articles, press releases, automatic transcription, translation.

Pricing Model: Free trial, subscription-based

Compatible Devices: Castmagic can be used on any device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Users can generate and manage podcast notes and summaries anytime, anywhere using this application.

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