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Craiyon: An Online AI Image Generator for Creating Images from Text

Craiyon is an AI-based image generator that can create corresponding images based on any given text prompt. Formerly known as DALL-E mini, Craiyon has been renamed and introduces more features and optimizations.

Using advanced natural language processing technology and machine learning algorithms, Craiyon generates images based on the text prompts provided by the user. Users can enter various text prompts in the image generator, such as "a cat sunbathing on a balcony" or "a red sports car driving on the road," among others. Craiyon will then automatically generate the corresponding images for the users.

Recommended for: Craiyon is suitable for creative individuals who are in need of finding visuals or inspiration. It is a great choice for those seeking material and inspiration in the fields of design, creativity, art, and media.

Keywords: artificial intelligence technology, image generator, image assets, image inspiration

Cost model: Free trial, subscription-based

Compatible devices: Craiyon is a web-based application that can be used on any mainstream web browser.

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