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What is Humbot?

HHumbot is a free AI checker & AI humanizer that can help you bypass AI detection. Write with confidence with our powerful anti AI detector tool and remove! 

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AI Detector & Humanizer to Bypass AI Detection
Humanize AI text with Humbot’s cutting-edge bypass AI detection technology.

Your Trusted AI Detector and AI Humanizerto Check AI Content and Bypass AI Detectors like, GPTZero and Turnitin

Need an all-in-one AI content detector and humanizer solution? Humbot is an AI checker that gets you results from multiple popular AI detectors, and anti AI detector rewriter to humanize AI text into undetectable and plagiarism-free content.Humbot

Our AI Checker = All Popular AI Detectors

Need a ChatGPT detector to check the undetectability of your text? As a complete AI checking and bypass solution, Humbot features a built-in AI checker that analyzes any text and simultaneously provides detection results across all popular AI detectors (Copyleaks, GPTZero, ZeroGPT, …), all in one click.


AI Humanizer You Can Trust

Humbot is a trustworthy AI humanizer to bypass AI detection. See the reasons below that make us unique:

Fast and Easy
Humbot helps you bypass AI detectors with no trouble. Our AI detection remover is designed to be novice-friendly and able to deliver rewritten outputs in mere seconds.

Remove AI Detection Completely
We can help you bypass the detection of the most frequently used AI content detection

ZeroGPTContent at ScaleWinston AI Copyleaks TurnitinHumbot

High-Quality Rewriting

Our anti AI detector tool produces humanized text that is readable, free from any grammatical or spelling errors, and won’t lose any information of the original text.

Original Outputs

Our industry-leading technology ensures the originality of your rewritten text. You’ll always get unique content with a very low to zero plagiarism score.


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How to Detect & Humanize AI Text with Humbot
Ready to detect AI content bypass AI detectors with Humbot? Follow these steps to spot AI usage and remove AI detection in an instant!


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requently Asked Questions

  • Does Humbot offer an AI checker?

    Yes, we offer a built-in AI detector for you to inspect whether a text will be detected as AI-generated. This AI checker has the capability to present you with all detection results from common AI detectors simultaneously. It allows you to check any text you want, and will also run automatically after every humanization for you to verify its effectiveness.

  • How does Humbot help me bypass AI detection?

    Our smart anti AI detector tool will first analyze your input text. Then it’ll find the alternative words/phrases and sentence structures popular AI language models don’t often use and adjust them to make sure they can fit in the context.

  • Who can benefit from your AI humanizer?

    Humbot can benefit content creators that are trying to bypass AI detectors that are overly sensitive. But we suggest you use this tool in an honest manner, and don’t use it for misinformation, scams or other harmful purposes.

  • What types of content can Humbot humanize?

    Our anti AI detector rewriter can work with a wide variety of content types, including articles, blog posts, social media posts, and more.

  • Is it safe to remove AI detection with Humbot?

    Yes. All data transmitted from and to our AI detection remover will be encrypted with industry standards. We adhere to strict personal information protection policy and won’t share the information with unrelated third parties. And we strongly suggest you do not enter any private information in your input.

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