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Shortwave: Creating a Smarter and More Efficient Email Experience for You

Shortwave is an AI-driven email application designed to make email smarter and more efficient, allowing users to easily improve their productivity. Simply log in with your Gmail account to experience Shortwave.

Shortwave is the choice of world-leading businesses and professionals. Powered by artificial intelligence, it captures key information from any email, helping users save valuable time. Additionally, it can understand emails in any language, breaking down language barriers.

Shortwave helps users achieve a zero inbox, with intelligent labels automatically applied to common use cases without any effort. Users can delay email sending by using natural language directly from the keyboard, without the need for date selectors. Emails can be grouped into batch tasks, reducing clicks for Inbox Zero by 45% compared to Gmail. Furthermore, users can easily set up one-click actions to apply labels to specific senders.

Shortwave offers keyboard shortcuts and a modern chat-like experience, enabling users to communicate through email at a faster pace. Users can send AI-generated summaries to others, even if they don’t use Shortwave. With Markdown, rich media, and mention capabilities, users can create beautifully formatted emails as if writing a document. Navigation and action-taking are made easy with the keyboard-friendly command panel.

Shortwave is trusted by world-leading professionals. It is an excellent productivity accelerator, enabling fast email sorting and task management. It also features powerful search capabilities, undo send, scheduled sending, smart labels, push control, do-not-disturb mode, light and dark mode, thread links, sidebar, pixel tracking, multi-account support, and more.

Target audience: Professionals and heavy email users in need of an efficient email tool.

Keywords: AI assistant, email, smart labels, batch processing, keyboard shortcuts, scheduled sending, multi-account support.

Pricing model: Free trial, subscription-based.

Compatibility: Desktop, iOS, and Android.

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