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AI Writing Assistant for macOS

Writer’s Brew AI: AI Writing Assistant for macOS

Writer’s Brew AI is an AI writing assistant that runs on macOS and works across all browsers, local applications, and electronic applications. It helps users with writing, improving, replying, summarizing, and translating and supports over 60 presets to make writing a breeze. Its built-in OCR feature extracts text from images and applies AI for conversion. Writer’s Brew AI offers cost savings of 10x to 100x compared to other services. It can be used in three ways: as a menu like Raycast for easy access anytime, as a menu bar for quick accessibility, and as an AI text editor that transforms any text editor for brainstorming, inspiration, research, and writing. Additionally, Writer’s Brew AI intelligently replies to emails within email applications and websites and supports generating text in a text editor or mini window. Trusted by users from top companies and universities worldwide.

Recommended for individuals who need to write, translate, and reply to emails on macOS.

Keywords: Writer’s Brew AI, macOS, AI writing assistant, OCR, translation, email reply

Pricing Model: Free trial, pay-as-you-go

Compatible Devices: macOS operating system.

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